4900 Series…

The 4900 EX

Want to get noticed? Look no further than the 4900 EX, the flagship of the Western Star brand and the ultimate premium long-nose Owner-Operator truck — period. Owner-Operators can spec an engine up to 600 hp with three engine choices from Detroit Diesel and Cummins to power their 4900. Enjoy the ultimate in style and comfort in the Walk-Through 82″ Ultra-High Stratosphere Sleeper and people will know that your business means business.


Our new Stratosphere Star Light Sleepers are out
of this world. A blend of traditional and unique. The Owner-Operator look and feel you first fell in love with. Workmanship you demand. Uniqueness you look for. Quality of walk-thru design you count on. The latest example of how we build today’s elite trucks.

You’ll find some of the best news on the inside — where you work and sleep. The legendary Western Star cab, much bigger than those other so-called premium trucks. Plenty of leg room between the seats, and even more stand-up room over your head. No more ducking down — even with your hat on. And the flat floor between the cab and sleeper means no more step to trip you up.

A whole other world. No Western Star sleeper has ever been this big. This comfortable. This luxurious.