Generator Services…

Dan Walters and Grand Traverse Diesel Service sells Yanmar and Kohler generators. He is an authorized dealer and a certified technician for both and his expertise ranges from residential lines to the heavy duty, industrial lines. Whether the generator on your RV needs service or you need to implement a backup up power source for your home or business, contact Dan at Grand Traverse Diesel Service. Dan was instrumental with helping Paul Britten and Britten Media purchase and install a Kohler 1000 KW generator.

Yanmar Generators

Yanmar generators one of the industry’s leading commercial diesel generator lines. Their smooth, efficient and quiet running diesel motors earned them an EPA Tier 2 rating for emissions. Their combination of low fuel consumption and high-efficiency power generation make them affordable and cheap to run. Yanmar offers a range of generators for small to medium range commercial locations and are ideal for larger residential needs. Give Grand Traverse Diesel Service a call and talk to Dan. He can assess your power needs and recommend a Yanmar generator for you.

Kohler Generators

Kohler’s diesel generators range from 8.5 to 2800 KW and have over 60 models to choose from. So whether you require a residential application or a full blown commercial back up power source, Kohler has a generator for you and Grand Traverse Diesel Service can install, repair and service whatever generator suits your needs. Call and talk to Dan, he can recommend the proper generator for your particular needs.

Kohler Residential Generators

Kohler offers a range of excellent residential generators from 8kW to 125kW. Kohler’s residential generators are known for their reliability and quiet operation. With their patented Powerboost technology, they can run even high load appliances and air conditioners. Kohler generators also run clean, stable power for all your sensitive electronics. Give Dan at Grand Traverse Diesel Service a call. He can help with your power requirements and sell you the model you’ll need.